Roxanne Beebe

Photo of Artist Roxanne Beebe

Roxanne Beebe is an inspired, creative and original jewelry artist. From her first day in a lost-wax casting class at age 15, through a rigorous 3-year European style apprenticeship after college, she began to forge her passion into a successful career.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, young Roxanne was full of daydreams, wanderlust, and curiosity. In early 1978 through mid 1980, she travelled through Mexico and Western Europe, then continued on to one of the Overland routes across Asia. Roxanne was able to travel through 37 countries, some of which are now closed to Westerners. An exotic, intoxicating, and sometimes dangerous world unfolded. It was this constant daily experience that validated Roxanne's own sense of aesthetics and wonder, and has grounded her desire to create beauty in everything she attempts.

Taking the beauty of Nature to heart, Roxanne has lived in some of the most scenic areas of the Western United States. The San Francisco Bay Area, the Monterey Peninsula, North San Diego County, and Maui, are all places Roxanne has called home.

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