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Bruce Tapley is the creator behind The Tapley Collection. Bruce Tapley is a Jewelry Designer who excels in many styles of jewelry making. As a completely self-taught goldsmith, who does all his work himself. He was compelled by necessity to study a variety of techniques to attain his current level of proficiency. From his True Classics and Nouveau Estate Collections of intriguing wedding bands to his Hawaii-inspired Kula Jewels and the classical renditions of Reflections of Antiquity and Atelier Atlantis, an extensive series of exquisite pieces featuring prominent characters and themes of Ancient Greco-Roman Mythology, Bruce's jewelry transcends time.

Bruce's father was a collector of antiquities and artifacts. After spending ten months in Europe, Bruce discovered his deceased father's extensive collection of late 18th Century Italian Intaglios or reverse cameo carvings. These carvings inspired Bruce to embark upon his current quest to reach classical ideals as an artist devoted to creating beauty with precious metal and stone.

Handling some of Bruce's classical jewelry is like emerging from an archaeological dig with precious golden finds intact. The Tapley Collection comprises pieces that embody the enduring significance of heirlooms whose beauty engenders happiness in the wearer.

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